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About Gaetano Di Falco


Born in Italy on 28th october 1978, since childhood, his passion for  drawing is evident and natural. His creativity is inbreed and his tendency to sperimentation stands  out. Pencil and paintbrush become his favourite toys! After few years of practicing in some agencies,  just tired of sticking to the typical simple “scholastic” illustration style, and feeling limited by strict  rules of the market, he decides to dedicate himself to his passion for fantasy art. His creations are appreciated internationally and being himself not only an estimator of Art but also a deep passionate expert of  Hard & Heavy Rock, it was just a matter of time that Gaetano would be entering the Music Business  from the main door, getting in personal contact with some of the most famous rock bands of the  international rock scene and starting to collaborate with some of them. Gaetano Di Falco had the pleasure to collaborate with some of the most famous rock artists and bands like Manowar, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, Gabrielle De Val, L.A. Guns, White Skull, TEN,  Hellion, House Of Lords, Revolution Renaissance (featuring artists like Timo Tolkki from Stratovarius, Michael Kiske from Helloween and Tobias Sammet from Edguy / Avantasia)  just to name few of them, and many more...

GDF videos

GDF videos

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