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Gaetano Di Falco's Official Models and Muses

A section dedicated exclusively to my Official Models, the official members of my artistic team.


Mandy Fay

" What I love most about Gaetano's illustrations is his ability to take his audience out of the ordinary and immerse them in the extraordinary. The scenes he creates are otherworldly and inspiring; nothing less than fantasy at its peak of perfection. His attention to finite details as well as flawless use of light is simply bewitching. It's not just something one scrolls past on the internet. It's an experience. It elicits fixation and draws the eye into its artistic realm of wonder. This is exactly how I recall the first time I saw one of Gaetano's pieces on Facebook. I was spellbound.

I immediately followed the link to his website and stared at his extensive gallery of countless masterpieces for hours. So you can only imagine my astonishment and glee when I was given the opportunity to join Gaetano's team of illustrious muses! You mean I can sport wings and get to be one of any number of creature-vixens imaginable too?! Count me in! It's the most freeing feeling when I pose for Gaetano's work. I usually put on some mood-appropriate classic rock/metal music, something that captures the essence of what I'm trying to portray in the moment, and go from there. It's what works for me. It is of no matter that Gaetano's in Italy and I'm all the way in the United States, our creative-process communications are the best imaginable. We are seemingly always on the same page and I am beyond honored to have been a part of so many of his projects thus far. I am always looking forward to Gaetano's latest work, and of course any of our future collaborations together. As we often always say, "above us only sky..."       

- Mandy Fay -


Kitty Marshall Park

"Gaetano's Art.... is Simply Amazing... Beautiful.... Sexy.... a Dream Team to be a part of! Gaetano always puts so much Heart & Soul into every illustration he creates. He always illustrates me and the other models so Beautifully Perfect. He has so much Passion in his Art and it Always shows. It's simply Incredible to hear what his visions are for our illustrations and then see it when it's done.. A Masterpiece! I'm so proud and honored to be a part of his team of models."   

-Kitty Marshall Park-


Michele Terry

"It is such an honor to work with Gaetano. His work is phenomenal. He has the most extraordinary artist vision of anyone I’ve ever met. He is a master at his craft. Gaetano’s illustrations are absolutely some of my favorite collaborations to date."   

-Michele Terry-


Sarah French

"Gaetano's artwork takes you on a journey and lets you immerse yourself into the beautiful fantasy worlds he creates. I love working with him to create magic together that evokes so many different emotions. Strong and sexy female characters are my forte and Gaetano is a wizard at that and knows exactly how to bring them to life. Can't wait to continue this wonderful and magical collaborative journey together... we are just getting started!"

- Sarah French -


Vivian Vaine

"I am so proud to be part of the wonderful art Gaetano is creating. His illustrations combine in a very special way the strength and sexiness of Women, showing them as a fierce and fearless fighter or seductive Succubus. When you see his illustration a feeling of fear and anxiety creeps up your neck, you want to run and want to get closer, to touch even if it will hurt. You see power come to live, your fantasies of a demonic fairy world come true and reality. To be part of those creations is a real honour and I really want to thank you for choosing me"

- Vivian Vaine -


Juliette Vaughn

"Gaetano's art is very extraordinary. He creates unique pieces based on his own style. I'm always looking forward to see new art from him.
I feel very honored that i have been chosen to be in his artworks amongst other beautiful ladies"

- Juliette Vaughn -

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